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What is Shinkendo?

Shinkendo involves study of each of these important aspects of swordsmanship. True, deep study of Japanese Swordsmanship must involve many interlocking concepts. In Shinkendo, these five aspects of swordsmanship, Suburi, Battoho, Tanrengata, Tachiuchi, and Tameshigiri are like five interlocking rings. All five aspects have some relation to the other rings. This is the foundation of a comprehensive study of swordsmanship. It allows for one to view the techniques from a larger perspective and pursue them deeply.

Suburi – Swinging and Basics
Battoho – Combative Drawing and Sheathing
Tanrengata – Main Solo Forms
Tachiuchi – Partnered Training
Tameshigiri – Test-Cutting Practice




    When? From 20u00 until 22u00

    Where? Sporthal Sint-Martens-Latem


    When? From 20u30 until 22u30

    Where? UGent Sports Centre


    When? From 19u30 until 22u00

    Where? Bollekensschool, Ghent


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